Portfolio : Sea Island, 4 Heart Chambers

The 4 chamber sea island, the heart of the mountain is This watercolor painting is called “Near the needles in the sea”. It is like many couples walk on the sea island. They can distinguish 4 chambers of the heart. There is a walkway under the tree beside the mountain, blocking the sea, overlooking the mountain scenery. Just like this, all of you will probably be amazed by the skill of our latest drawings on wordpress web. Different accounts can’t choose. Hope you all are happy, smiling, consider yourself. Welcome to Monday evening after work. Thank you.

Artist’s work by – siriananpape –

Project : Fruits of 4 colors, 4 varieties

4 types of fruit in 4 colors, painted with dark oil paints on ordinary A4 paper, a variety of dispersed backgrounds mixed with other colors, not too complicated. Use tissue paper to gently rub like bright colors, folded with oil paint, paint as you like, each color for each fruit, any generic name. Looks like a natural color, beautiful. Welcome to the evening on Monday after work.

Artist’s work by – siriananpape –

Work : The River to the Forest of the Mountains

The river into the forest of the mountains is this watercolor We intend to work on quite detailed watercolor paintings. Use dark watercolors to shake the background, mix with other watercolors perfectly, not complicated and dull. We developed and improved the watercolor painting of the ashtray for a very long time. As much as you all find watercolor paintings, charming, beautiful, in the midst of nature, the atmosphere in this world is peaceful. Feel the imagination for yourself. Welcome to it’s almost five o’clock. Wish you all have a good time. Thank you.

Artist’s work by – siriananpape –

Works : One-story house in a field of mountains

The one-story house in the mountain fields is this watercolor Born from the intention to work on details about the house in the midst of nature, privacy and perfection. Inspired by Home Buyers’ Chiang Mai magazine, architects like us. We just paint architectural style watercolors. And the architect himself only had fun. Hope you all might be stunned as we’ve heard it before haha. We also maintain a career as a painter to work through many other apps for them to consider. We always give feedback. May you always have fun. Thank you.

Artist’s work by – siriananpape –

Work : River Fields of Khao Din

Meadow in the river of the hill country is this watercolor Use pure color to paint the background. It was caused by mixing various watercolors with the details of imagination. We thought of trees, meadows, cottages in the river next to the hills of soil. Filled with the atmosphere of the world turning indigo, it looked like the night was gloomy, desolate, with an atmosphere of something scary lol Just you all think of your own imagination. Welcome to Monday afternoon all day too. Thank you.

Artist’s work by – siriananpape –

Portfolio : Two varieties of Petunia in two colors

Petunia pink/blue

Two varieties of petunia flowers are two colors. Paint with dark watercolor background to the foreground. Look natural and lively. These two flowers. We just use watercolor to paint whatever you like. Art is art, creativity, work. Hope you all like petunia flowers. A cute face like no other. Welcome to Tuesday evening as well. Thank you.

Artist’s work by – siriananpape –

Work : three kinds of flowers

Name of the work: The soil of the flower shadow

Name of the work: Dang frangipani

Name of the work: Purple Butterfly Pea Flower Tree

Three types of earthen flower plants, which are painted with dark water colors generally in the background to the foreground. You all might be shocked haha. Low flower plant attached to the flower land itself. became a flower of three species before We improve, develop, draw with our own craftsmanship. It’s a general work of art. Hope you all enjoy considering it for yourself. Welcome to Monday evening as well. Thank you.

Artist’s work by – siriananpape –

Work : House blocking the river and stream in the forest

The house blocking the river and stream in the forest is This picture is painted with dark water colors everywhere. You all probably think of having a house on either side of a river running through a forest of green trees without a mountain in the background. natural look, environment, privacy Adventure in this world of imagination, dreams, consider for yourself. Welcome to Thursday evening.

Artist’s work by – siriananpape –

Work : Big tree in the sea Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike

Under the big tree in the sea is Draw with watercolor paint in general, blending with water color by hand instead of alternating brushes. If your hand or brush doesn’t drown in the water, you might get the sticky paper on your hand and tear it up, haha. We improve and learn to use a variety of brushes or other tools related to familiar painting techniques. This watercolor painting looks natural, good atmosphere, under a big tree, cool shade. can see the scenery The world has turned green and white. Look at the indigo on this planet. Change the blue world to another green one. That’s it, you enjoy experiencing the atmosphere of the green world by yourself. Welcome to Saturday evening.

Artist’s work by – siriananpape –

Work : sea bay of mountains

Isle of trees in the sea of mountains is Draw with dark water color, not drowning in water. Use a brush with soft and hard bristles to gently push it back and forth. Grassland trees, rocky islands in the middle of the sea, can walk across, stand and watch the sea, see the scenery, mountains, dist

Artist’s work by – siriananpape –

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