Works : One-story house in a field of mountains

The one-story house in the mountain fields is this watercolor Born from the intention to work on details about the house in the midst of nature, privacy and perfection. Inspired by Home Buyers’ Chiang Mai magazine, architects like us. We just paint architectural style watercolors. And the architect himself only had fun. Hope you allContinue reading “Works : One-story house in a field of mountains”

Work : House blocking the river and stream in the forest

The house blocking the river and stream in the forest is This picture is painted with dark water colors everywhere. You all probably think of having a house on either side of a river running through a forest of green trees without a mountain in the background. natural look, environment, privacy Adventure in this worldContinue reading “Work : House blocking the river and stream in the forest”

works and descriptions The resort house in the forest, river, stream under the trees of the mountain is Full of atmosphere and natural disasters, the environment in this world, surrounded by a river, next to a forest, a flower meadow under a tree on the left, next to the confluence of the river through the mountains, traffic back and forth next to a small house, surrounded by flowers. Under the trees next to the river flowing through the confluence into the mountains until the view as far as the eye can see. Hope you all may like the house next to the river, trees, with a beautiful world atmosphere, peace, privacy, imagination, dreams, consider for yourself. Welcome to the afternoon after work on Thursday evening. Thank you. Artist’s work by – siriananpape –

Portfolio : Shop house under the tree walkway

Houses, shops, architectural-style buildings in iron fences.Windows and Doors: Use pink folded edges on square sides.Glass window : Use white color, like clear water, can see the light.Meadow Trees : Green meadows under the foliage of mixed colors.Pathway: Use brown, bare soil.Steel fence : Use white color.DescriptionShop houses are small, transparent houses, under trees, shadows,Continue reading “Portfolio : Shop house under the tree walkway”

Portfolio : Condo house under a tree in a flower field, walkway

Condo houses in a forest of blue trees under a blue flower meadow.Concrete building house: Use paint to paint the exterior ceiling.Edge of the window, door: use a mix of orange, yellow colors.Glass and doors: use blue.In front of the house, corridor : Use brown color like bare soil.DescriptionBig condo house with nature, trees, flowers,Continue reading “Portfolio : Condo house under a tree in a flower field, walkway”

Project : Ban Klang Kamphaeng

The walled house is The house is blocked off a wall next to a green meadow under the red cherry blossom trees off the wall. Inside the big house, the ground is not too narrow, blocking the wall. Beside the soil flowers, various plants surrounding the wall on both sides of the land area andContinue reading “Project : Ban Klang Kamphaeng”

Work : Clay house in the flower garden

The soil house in the flower garden is become this pink and white world How beautiful, warmth, dreams, fantasies. A large house next to the land in the flower garden under the red cherry tree, the walkway can go up and down. Draw with watercolor paints everywhere. Mixing dark colors between different brushes and techniques.Continue reading “Work : Clay house in the flower garden”

Portfolio : A two-storey house in the style of a clay house under trees, meadows, flowers, walkways.

A two-storey house style house under the trees, meadows, flowers, the walkway is Full of natural disasters, the environment around a large two-storey house under trees, meadows overgrown with flowers and plants. this two story house His back was white, like clear, white water. Dark white is hard to find. Think this white house looksContinue reading “Portfolio : A two-storey house in the style of a clay house under trees, meadows, flowers, walkways.”

Portfolio : Baan Suan Under the Trees, Meadows, Flowers, Walkways

Home garden meadow flowers walkway is Full of natural disasters, the environment surrounding a small one-story house under the meadow, flowers and plants, looks charming, natural, simple, imagination, dreams, good atmosphere, painted with dark watercolor paints, generally on paper, a little limited, hope you all. like it consider for yourself Welcome to the evening afterContinue reading “Portfolio : Baan Suan Under the Trees, Meadows, Flowers, Walkways”

Portfolio : Three detached houses under a golden cherry tree, a field of flowers and plants.

Three houses under the trees are overgrown with flowers and grass. Drawn with general watercolor painting, blended with dark colors on paper, imagined the details. It is beautiful, calm, good atmosphere, warm house, charming, dream. We developed watercolor painting, delicate details are difficult to find. I hope you all pondered for yourself on the aforementionedContinue reading “Portfolio : Three detached houses under a golden cherry tree, a field of flowers and plants.”

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